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7 Steps on how to Identify if a person is lying to you.

This process is very tricky to know whether a person is lying to you or really saying the truth because some people can say blank lies with a powerful eye contact with you. Let us have a look at how can we identify if a person is lying to you.

1. Eye Contact – A person who is lying to you will necessarily have a powerful eye contact with you but they would be looking to the left when they would break their eye contacts whereas a person who is saying truth to you would be lowering his /her head in front of elders or look to their right while breaking the eye contacts. This is vice versa in case of left-handed ones.

2. Blinking –  If you are talking to a person and he/she is blinking their eyes frequently then you can be sure that the person is lying to you whereas a person saying the truth to you will not be blinking their eyes frequently but at a normal speed like an average person. 

3. Fidgeting – It is found in research that if a person is lying to you  then he/she fidgets with their feet and does a toe-cross due to nervousness of getting caught while saying a lie. 

4. Lots of words – A liar’s story would be full of unnecessary details as the person is adding up the points while saying and will say a long story whereas a person saying the truth would be not giving much details as they know it is very clear and they directly say the to-the-point answer to you. For example, If you ask me that where was I during the afternoon then if I say a lie it would be somewhat like this ” I went to the supermarket riding a bicycle,  bought half a kilograms of potatoes and flour , put them in a tote bag and returned and then I had a nap.”  whereas while saying a truth I would say ” I went to the supermarket, bought what I needed and had a nap after returning.” 

5. Breathing – When a person is lying their breathing intensifies to a large rate and they start to breathe fast as they get nervous even though the nervousness is not visible.

6.  Pupil Dilation –  When a person lies to you as I stated above the heart rate increases and their pupils dilate because of high blood pressure.

7. Looking Above –   A person while saying a lie would start a conversation after looking above their heads as they think and make up a story about what to say to a certain person and a new story emerges.

Thank you very much for reading this article and I hope this was of any help to you.




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